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Things to do with your erect penis

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  • Things to do with your erect penis

    To all the men here, what are the other things you can do with your erect penis besides from shoving it to a woman's vagina?

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    During winter, I use my erect penis to warm my cold hands. lol


    • JenGray
      JenGray commented
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      Or it's the other way around? Lol

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    Put lights on it and pretend that it was a mini Christmas tree. lol


    • NaughtyTaco
      NaughtyTaco commented
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      Wow! That's so funny. I can't stop laughing.

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    Lol! Do you really need to know that?


    • BessyMae
      BessyMae commented
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      It's just for fun. Lol

    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      Wanted to also ask her that. Lol

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    Play swordfights with my best friend with it.


    • LustyGirl
      LustyGirl commented
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      Hope there's no bromance going between the two of you.

    • MissTee
      MissTee commented
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      LustyGirl I think that's not the case. Lol

    • D'arcy
      D'arcy commented
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      This way too awkward to do unless you are very, very close to each other.

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    I put liquid chocolate on my partner's dick and pretend that it was a banana split. lol


    • NosyJosie
      NosyJosie commented
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      Lol, that would be fun to do it with my partner.

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    I will just suck on my man's dick if it erects.


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      I would love to put a ring on it or place a mistletoe above it so I can give it a kiss lol


      • MonalMonarchy
        MonalMonarchy commented
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        Lol, what type of ring are you going to put? Diamond ring?

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      An erect penis is meant to be suck and inserted into the vagina.