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  • You touched something

    You were in a club and you saw a beautiful and sexy woman. You went ahead and introduced your self. You had some chats and decided to have a good time so the two of you went to a motel. You started to caress each other then you felt something on her genital area. You realized that she was not a girl, after all. What would you do next?

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    Whoa, I'd feel bad for them both. How could the guy have not noticed that she was actually a HE? And how is that woman sure that he likes to be with her without letting him know that she was once a HE? Oh my...


    • MacabreMachine
      MacabreMachine commented
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      There would be two interpretations here. Sometimes, men are idiots not to notice it immediately. Sometimes, the trans women would assume that those men already knew who they really are. When both conditions come at the same time then boom - a disaster.

    • BessyMae
      BessyMae commented
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      There are trans who look so beautiful that they could pass as girls already.

    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      Feel bad to both of them? The trans was lucky to have the man. I could not comment for the man. He could be lucky, too.

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    Since he's already there, then he might as well enjoy the rest of the evening, lol! It's not like she is going to penetrate him, but the other way around, or he can just negotiate with her that she can only give him head and nothing else follows, lol!


    • KinkyKate
      KinkyKate commented
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      Nothing else follows? Are you sure with that? I think that they would be carried away after giving him a head and there would be some fucking to be made. lol.

    • pussyGreedytight
      pussyGreedytight commented
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      They could all the way if both want it. Lol. They are already there so they might as well push it through.

    • missScientifichorny
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      The man could be so shocked and frustrated that he could hit the trans woman!

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    I won't caress or let alone flirt with a girl in a club. I am a straight female anyway. I only have my eyes for guys whenever I party in clubs.


    • Planext
      Planext commented
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      But what about dealing with a guy that turns out to be a butch lesbian all along? What if you two are already in the hotel room and you learned that he was actually a butch lesbian or a transman, would you still be down for that?

    • GenStacy
      GenStacy commented
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      Sure, you a woman. But what if you were a man? What would you do with such a situation?

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    Well if that happened to me, I must be really drunk. Because I don't think that I'll be attracted to my fellow woman. But if that happened, I'll probably ask if he's gay or he's bisexual. Because if he is the latter one, I'll agree to bang him. Lol!


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      Especially if he is yummy and has a huge pack bulging from his pants, right? How can I miss that one? I'd be down for him to go down on me tonight, lol!

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    So I assume that he's gay? Or maybe bisexual? I think if that happened to me, I will still bang him. Most especially if he has a big cock. That's what I really dig for!


    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      Girls are really a sucker for big cocks, huh? What if he has a big cock but he doesn't know how to use it? LOL!

    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      No, on your case, since you are a woman, then felt nothing on the genital area.

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    If the guy that I was supposed to hookup with is actually a lesbian, I won't think twice anymore. I'll leave her immediately because I don't think that I can let myself have sex with my fellow woman.


    • Orangexana
      Orangexana commented
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      Same! I'll probably run for the door and will do everything to forget about that scenario. I cannot stomach kissing my fellow woman let alone having sex with her.

    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      You would immediately notice is someone is a lesbian. A tranny, on the other hand, would be a bit difficult to determine most specially if she is already lady-like.