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Granny panties or thong?

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  • Granny panties or thong?

    Hi, I'm just wondering, do you prefer your girlfriend wearing a thong on different occasions or granny panties?

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    Not sure that any of the guys here are going to date someone who wears granny panties.


    • DonVoom
      DonVoom commented
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      I've dated one before. But she only wears them to annoy me.

    • pussyPurplewet
      pussyPurplewet commented
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      What is a granny panty? Are those the underwear that old ladies wear?

    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      pussyPurplewet These are high cut undies that covers until your belly button.

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    I would prefer if she's into thongs. But if she's into wearing granny panties, I wouldn't force her to wear thongs just for me.


    • assUbiquitoustight
      assUbiquitoustight commented
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      As for me, a thong would be nice to see. I think that all men would have this preference.

    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      But thongs are sometimes uncomfortable for women especially when they are just chilling and not doing much.

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    For me, the only time that it is acceptable to wear granny panties is when she's a granny already or its laundry day and she doesn't have any undies left to wear.


    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      Oh, come on. It is better for me to go on commando than to wear a granny panty. LOL.

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    When it comes to panties, I prefer to wear bikini cut ones or thongs. Have no plans of wearing granny panties even if I'm already one.


    • pussyThirstywet
      pussyThirstywet commented
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      What do you mean with you are already one? Do you consider yourself as a granny already?

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    Let us stop discriminating the granny panties. It is not their fault that they exist. Some women still wear those kinds of panties.


    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      Yes, the old women and the non-fashionable women are the ones who still wear that type of underwear. I would not want to wear one.

    • pussyGrouchywet
      pussyGrouchywet commented
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      Are you included in the girls that still wear granny panties?

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    Is there something wrong with the granny panties? I think that those should be worn when wearing formal dresses. You don't want to wear sexy underwear when you are in formal events, do you?


    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      And granny panties are really comfortable to wear sometimes.

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    How about if we go on commando on all occasions? There is no law that restricts us from going commando. Are there some bold women who would dare to do this stuff?


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
      ShrillForlifeGrandiose commented
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      Yes, there's no law that prohibits you from going commando, but do you think that you can really do such a thing on a daily basis?

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    I wonder if any of the guys who answered here have tried to smell the part of the thong that passes through our ass crack lol.


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      Try smelling it yourself since it seems like you are curious to find out what does it smell like. lmao

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    If I'm feeling sexy and expecting to get fucked, then it would be a thong. If it's the time of the month and want him to be turned off, granny panties it is.


    • HotBorg
      HotBorg commented
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      I don't know why would anyone wants to wear granny panties, I think you can prank your boyfriend with those ones.