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Pregnant and dating?

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  • Pregnant and dating?

    Supposed you were already pregnant, say one month already, would you still accept to have some dates?

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    If I were one month pregnant, I would still accept those dates. My belly would still be like my normal belly so nothing to show that I am pregnant.


    • BurntDrillSap
      BurntDrillSap commented
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      Would you tell to your date that you are pregnant or would you hold the information to him?

    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      CrazyBabixz Have you not heard of condoms? I think that having sex while one month pregnant is still possible.

    • Allylithax
      Allylithax commented
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      Nobody would know that you are already pregnant if it was just a month long. So I could still have some dates eve up to three months of pregnancy. I know what I wam doing. Just dates at the restaurants and would eat out only and nothing else.

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    Just one month pregnant? Sure, I would still date. Nothing to worry. I could even have sex, right?


    • PreserveDrill
      PreserveDrill commented
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      Whoa there, you should get yourself checked first if it's advisable to your condition to be having sex while pregnant. It would depend on your body's condition.

    • HeatingSweetDrill
      HeatingSweetDrill commented
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      PreserveDrill Was that the advice of the doctor that was given to your girlfriend? Or did you just assume this information?

    • pussyThirstywet
      pussyThirstywet commented
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      I am not sure if sex is advisable while pregnant but I have heard of women are had sex while they were pregnant.

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    If date only and no sex involve then absolutely. There would be no harm to me and to the baby.


    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      JayRock Is sex even advisable to be had when the woman is pregnant? Would it not cause any harm to the fetus?

    • missHardtofindhorny
      missHardtofindhorny commented
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      Dates with no sex would be nice to have, actually. But then, it would all be so boring. I said boring because there would be no thrill to expect after the date. lol.

    • CoolPreserve
      CoolPreserve commented
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      If no sex involved then I would also go on with it. There should be no alcoholic drinks to be taken.

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    One month is just fine. As long as there would be no bars and alcohol drinks. A simple date on a restaurant where we would eat casually.


    • RootMartingale
      RootMartingale commented
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      Yes, the fetus must be protected so eating out would just be fine. But we must stay away from smoking, drinking and having sex. lol. Sorry, guys, no sex for you.

    • BigBurrito
      BigBurrito commented
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      A simple kind of date is what I also had in mind, not some date that involves sex. Who would be in the right mind to be screwing around someone else's pregnant wife? Only that would be done by an insane person who can no longer control their sex drive!

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    If I were pregnant, I would just stay at home and wouldn't do anything stupid. No vices, even sex. I want what's best for me and my precious baby.


    • assUbiquitoustight
      assUbiquitoustight commented
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      That would be better. I don't think it's good to have sex with someone pregnant, not a man would do such a thing, even I wouldn't want to risk the baby inside.

    • SusySue
      SusySue commented
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      Before I even have to end my glory days, I would have to make sure that I'm ready to become a responsible mom. I should be done with all those reckless shit.

    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      You know that you can still have sex even if you're pregnant

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    If you're talking about having a date with the baby daddy, that would be a yes for me. But if we're talking about a different guy, that would be a pass


    • Planeryte
      Planeryte commented
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      We are talking about an another guy and not the baby's daddy. lol. She would not ask it here if she was only referring to the baby's daddy.

    • JenGray
      JenGray commented
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      What made you think that she was talking about the baby's daddy? If she was dating the father of the baby then that would not have any issue at all. lol.