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  • No marriage

    What would you do if your boyfriend told you that he doesn't want to marry you? He has no plans to get married. He just wants to live in together with you.

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    No problem with me. As long as he loves me then I think I would be able to accept what he wants. Although I would ask him why he doesn't want to get married.


    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      Well, he wants to live with me, that's okay. But it's questionable that a long-term boyfriend does not want to marry me, I'd question him about that.

    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      It wouldn't be a problem if she isn't ready for it. I'll give him some time before he can make up his mind again.

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    But why? I do not understand why he would not want to get married with me. So, in this case, I would have to end the relationship with him. I need someone who would marry me.


    • BessyMae
      BessyMae commented
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      I know right? Especially if it were a long-term relationship, why wouldn't he want to settle down?

    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      BessyMae We could have on our own thoughts but we need to know his reasons why he does not want to marry us. Maybe, it was just a misunderstanding.

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    I would break up with him immediately. No questions ask. Not marrying me means that he does not love me so what is the point of continuing?


    • KayDot
      KayDot commented
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      You should look for another man who's willing to marry you soon.
      The only reason why he doesn't want to marry you is that he's not looking forward to starting a family with you.

    • pussyAveragelicking
      pussyAveragelicking commented
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      KayDot Right. A man who does not want to marry a girl should not be trusted. He has no plans having a family so what is a point of continuing the relationship?

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    Originally posted by Make4meCrazy View Post
    What would you do if your boyfriend told you that he doesn't want to marry you? He has no plans to get married. He just wants to live in together with you.
    A live-in partner? That's fine with me, soon he'll get to think about it then it might change his mind and he'll consider marrying me.


    • CoolPreserve
      CoolPreserve commented
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      Oh, you have a nice plan over there. You could be right. There would be a chance that he would gonna marry you after some time.

    • HotBorg
      HotBorg commented
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      Right some just says it then unexpectedly they propose to you

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    That's fine I dont want to get married either its such a pain in the ass if ever you would file a divorce so I'll just stay in a relationship without commitment, just live in partners


    • AbovePonde4r
      AbovePonde4r commented
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      Right. That is what I had thought of, too. My only concern to this type of a setup is the children if ever we would have them.

    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      Would you like to have some children with him while on a live-in relationship?

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    I would accept the live in together but I would not get pregnant. I am anticipating that he would break up with me years on. So, in the event that we would split together after few years, it would be so easy to break up.


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      That's his whole point. Your man wants to live with you even if you two have been dating for years but still doesn't want to marry you because he still plans to see other people. He's just in it to experience how it feels like living together with you. Go easy on him and see what happens.