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  • What's your talent?

    Do you usually look for someone that has talents? A relationship would be more interesting if one of you has talents. Like if he knows how to dance, or cook, or knows how to tie a cherry-knot? Is that the first thing that you look for in a man?

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    Oh, I don't have much talent but I'd consider being great in bed as a talent. I'm good at giving blowjobs, not to brag, but I'd like it if those men would be the judge of that.


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      Oh, good for you that you have a good sexual talent. Is that something that is learned at school? Are there tutorial centers where they teach this thing? lol.

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    I'd usually tell my dates that I know how to cook, and just to find out that they're great cooks too, I'd suggest them to have a cook-off with me but it never happened sicne we'd always take the action inside the bedroom lol!


    • BurntDrillSap
      BurntDrillSap commented
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      Why not take the action in the kitchen first? Eat out then when you are full, you could continue it on the bedroom.

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    Having a talent is rare as it is a gift. Not all people have talents. Do I look for a talent? No, I do not look for it as I know that, most probably, he would not have one. If a person has a talent then that is plus point for him. How about cooking as a talent? It is when he would cook like a pro chef.


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      The cooking talent lol. I think everybody knows how to cook as its a basic survival skill.

    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      Yeah, but not all can cook very well. DeeBeat

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    As much as possible, I look for someone who is talented. I want someone who has talents in bed. lol. That would be better, right? You would enjoy each other and you would enjoy the sex better.


    • KayDot
      KayDot commented
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      Oh, I considered dating someone talented in bed too! If she has other talents like painting and playing musical instruments then that's great. She's keeping herself busy other than those girls who are somewhat talentless and does not even give a proper blowjob, lol!

    • Planeryte
      Planeryte commented
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      Same thoughts! I would like to be with someone who has great skills in bed. I would like to try things that I haven't tried before. So yeah, I guess those skills will definitely be put to use every night.

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    Well, a guy who has a talent is more attractive for me. It means that he does not only have good looks but he actually knows how to do something. Men who knows how to cook are what I look for.


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
      ShrillForlifeGrandiose commented
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      I bet you are looking for a man who knows how to cook but you don't know to do that yourself. Most of you girls are all about the gains that you're going to get in guys, huh?

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    Honestly, I like someone who can dance. It is just so hot to see your partner grooving on the dance floor and what I like the most about it is that I can request him to dance for me whenever I like. I can even ask him to do a sexy dance for me every night. Lol!


    • CoolPreserve
      CoolPreserve commented
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      Same! I've always admired dancers because I can't dance lol! And I'd really be turned on if I'd ever found out that I'm dating a dancer. One minute he's been break dancing on stage and in bed, he'll be my Channing Tatum from Magic Mike giving me the dirtiest dance that I deserve, lol.

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    As for me, I don't usually mind if someone has a talent or not. Because what I notice in an ideal partner is his personality. I want him to have a pleasing personality that will make me fall for him.


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      Absolutely. I am looking for someone who has a talent on kissing. I love kissing so much and I would like to be with someone who is good at it. In that way, we can explore each other's mouth, right? I hope you don't find what I'm saying gross. Lol!


      • pussyWorthlesswet
        pussyWorthlesswet commented
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        Just kissing? If kissing alone, then that would be so boring. You must look for a man who has talents on the bed. You know, those hard fuckers. lol.

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      If I am forced to look for a talent, I want a woman who has cooking skills. That talent is very important as when she becomes my wife, she would be preparing good food for us. What if the woman is not good in preparing food? I would not be able to eat well. lol.


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        I don't care about talent honestly as I do believe that you can't choose who you'll fall in love with.