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Keeping an ex's shirt or hoodie

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  • Keeping an ex's shirt or hoodie

    Do any of you girls still keep an ex's shirt or hoodie? For the record, I have at least one or two of my ex's shirts and hoodies. They do not seem to take it back from me, that's why I'd usually wear it when I go to bed because it's cozy and it does not mean anything to me anymore.

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    Is this really a thing that you girls usually do? Keeping an ex's shirt and a hoodie? No wonder why sometimes we, guys, do not have much something to wear. Some of our clothes are still with you girls, lol!


    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      Then you should buy more clothes and this time, do not let a woman borrow your shirt or hoodie if you know that they won't give it back to you anymore, lol!

    • HotCat
      HotCat commented
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      Why? Do you keep your clothes with your girls? I won't be able to use guy's clothes. Besides, I do not want to wear someone else's clothes. That would be a no to me.

    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      No, it is not a common thing. I never had any friend who kept the clothes of their ex-boyfriends.

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    I have a few shirts that my ex has to lend me before, well, I did not give them back since he did not ask for me to give it back. Considering it that it's mine already but I think soon after I'm going to clean my closet and those this right out of the trash lol.


    • BoundaryPreserve
      BoundaryPreserve commented
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      Are you sure that you will finally put it out on the trash? Or are you guilty of still keeping and wearing them? Lol, it doe snot matter if you wear your ex's clothes just don't tell anyone that it's his.

    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      Yeah, you should better dispose of it already if you're cleaning your closet, better get rid of the things that no longer belong there.

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    No, he usually asks for me to give it back, so I would give it back. Why do I need to keep those shirts and hoodies when I can buy myself some of those?


    • LauraJane
      LauraJane commented
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      That's good, buy your own hoodies and shirts so you won't have to give something back to him if you two did not end well lol!

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    I'm not sure but it is actually a thing that girls love to do. Collecting guy's shirts especially their hoodies. First of all, if a girl gets cold, a man offers his jacket or hoodie to keep her warm, yeah, she can keep it but if they're no longer together he can have it back or not at all, lol.


    • RootMartingale
      RootMartingale commented
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      That is so old-fashioned. Nowadays, you can just buy the same jacket and you two would be twinning in those jackets or you can just ask him if it's okay for you to keep one of his hoodies, sweaters, or jackets whatever!

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    It's normal for us ladies to keep at least one hoodie from a guy we like. It has their scent on it and I don't know but there is something magical about a guy's scent.


    • Planeryte
      Planeryte commented
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      A guy's scent is pretty unique, they can put cologne or perfume and they'd smell good throughout the day and it will mostly stain on their clothes which is irresistible not to sniff.

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    I don't let anyone have any of my clothes. Especially the hoodies, what is up with those girls who steal their man's hoodies? Some of my clothes have sentiment to it that's why I don't just simply hand them over to anyone.


    • Make4meCrazy
      Make4meCrazy commented
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      I'm guessing that you used to be highschool's sweetheart/heartthrob huh? I would understand why those ladies desperately want to steal one of your hoodies. Lol!

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    I do not need those hoodies, so I would like to throw them out. If I keep them, then I would remember the man, so it is better to take it away from me.


    • DonVoom
      DonVoom commented
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      He wasn't that nice to you that's why you'd rather throw them away instead of giving it back to him, huh?

    • assSquealingtight
      assSquealingtight commented
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      Yeah just throw it away just like how you throw away your worn-out clothes. They should no longer be inside of your closet just like the rest of your old clothes.

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    Well, that is so immature. Maybe, high school kids would do such things, but adults should not be doing that thing anymore.


    • MonalMonarchy
      MonalMonarchy commented
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      What if it's sentimental for some people? Of course, they would usually do that, well I do not do that but I know some.

    • missHardtofindhorny
      missHardtofindhorny commented
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      Adults do that kind of stuff if they're used to doing it most of the time. I know someone that keeps every shirt of every man that she has hooked up with, if that's normal to her then I certainly don't give a damn.