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What to say to guys that you don't like

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  • What to say to guys that you don't like

    "Excuse me but I have a boyfriend", is what some or every woman would say just to cockblock a man that she doesn't like. What do you usually say to guys that you don't actually like?

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    How about telling him to fuck off because you absolutely don't like him? Yeah, I can be a straight-up bitch like that if that man is being too pushy towards me. That don't impress me, it pisses me off if he can't understand that I'm not interested in him.


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      No one likes a person being too pushy towards other people, you will surely get pissed off and that person might even get smacked for it. If I get rejected by someone then it is time for me to stop, otherwise, I don't want to get physically hurt when I'm already hurt by the rejection, lol.

    • pussyAveragelicking
      pussyAveragelicking commented
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      Saying to just fuck off is too harsh. We could say to them that we are not available for anything. I guess that it would be more polite to say that one than being so rude to say fuck off.

    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      "Fuck off. I do not like you!"

      Well, that looks bad to me. Nope, I won't state it in that way. I could be bitchy and all, but still, I won't have it in that way.

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    I'd tell him, "Sorry to tell you this but you're just not my type". I think he will feel a bit embarrassed about it. But hey, at least I've told him what he needs to know and I'm just telling him the truth.


    • LustyGirl
      LustyGirl commented
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      Then he will tell you that he was just joking because he does not like you as well. Ah, lame excuse! These men just think that they're cool enough to handle rejection but the truth is they cannot handle not being liked back by the women they like.

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    "I think you should be avoiding me by now because I do not like you and obviously, I'm trying my best to avoid you already", doees this sound too much? But yeah, I'd be happy if those men would start to avoid me because I don't want to have them around by wasting each of our times.


    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      It's best that they should start avoiding you since you have said so yourself that you are no lo0nger interested, then they have no business with you anymore.

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    I think that it is best to just ignore them when you do not like them. Ignoring is a sign that you do not like someone. Eventually, they won't bother you anymore.


    • CoolPreserve
      CoolPreserve commented
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      Sometimes they'd become more annoying asking why is it that you've been ignoring or avoiding them. They wanted answers so give them what they want then right after they will no longer bother you knowing that you do not want them bothering you any longer.

    • Planeryte
      Planeryte commented
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      The more you give in to their annoyance, the more they are liking the attention that you're giving them. Ignorance is the key, if you show them that they do not exist then they will shoo themselves away from you.

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    We could politely decline their proposal to us. I think that it is the best way to do it. We would not have a hard time as we won't be bothered anymore while they would be able to learn that we do not like them, so they would not have any false hope anymore.


    • HeatingSweetDrill
      HeatingSweetDrill commented
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      It would be a lot easy if we could have told them the truth and I do want it to end things that way by telling him that I do not like him. He should be mature enough to handle rejections because not people will appreciate you.

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    I'd tell him I am married and if he insists, I will tell him that I do not like him and i am not interested to have sex with him. If that still does not convince him then I don't know what it is.


    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      That man would be very irritating, it would give me the urge to punch him in the face just to let him know that I do NOT like him at all.

    • LauraJane
      LauraJane commented
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      Married or not when a guy wants you, he will definitely find ways to have you. He will also convince you to cheat on your husband just so you can get a taste of each other. Would you let him? Of course not, you do not like this person, and by simply ignoring him, he will leave you alone, for good.

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    If I go out and have no plans of being hit on, I often wear either a fake engagement or wedding ring and show it to them if they would try and chat me up


    • JayRock
      JayRock commented
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      Does that sort of thing really work or not?

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    well I'm a really forward person so I'll say it straight to there faces what I don't like about them so
    that they'll know what is the characteristics I don't like about them, maybe they'll change for the better
    and someday we can accept them and appreciate the change they made for us


    • BigBurrito
      BigBurrito commented
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      Have you experience where someone court you again? Of course they already changed those things that you don't like about them. Would you accept them this time?

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    According to my friend, her go to move is telling the guy that she's only into pegging when it comes to sex. And it makes the guy leave her alone immediately


    • assSquealingtight
      assSquealingtight commented
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      Just hope that your friend doesn't meet a guy who's willing to be pegged or she would end up in trouble because of it lol