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  • Rim job 101

    My boyfriend wants to do anal with me and rim me how can I ready myself for that and is it normal for my BF to crave anal sex and rimming?

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    In terms of readying yourself search online about douching and what instrument you need to douche yourself of course if you are doing anal, you guys should be clean and neat to have safe sex experience in anal sex trips.


    • JenGray
      JenGray commented
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      So, what can you say about anal sex? Is there something special from it?

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    Lots of straight men crave anal sex because of curiosity, it's not only for gay people it's an activity for heterosexual people also so don't get weird if your partner asks you to try and have anal activities if you want to do anal just try it out first and if it does not suit your taste then you can just tell your partner.


    • Orangexana
      Orangexana commented
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      Right. Most men are curious to have it, too. It can be seen on any porn film out there. It is one of the three main actions that we usually see on those films.

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    Have to make sure that your asshole is clean and that you've already taken a dump before doing it with him


    • Make4meCrazy
      Make4meCrazy commented
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      So how do you make your ass clean? Dumping is one, of course. That is a basic thing to do. But what are your best techniques in cleaning your ass?

    • assLeantight
      assLeantight commented
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      Make4meCrazy do you really need a step by step instruction of doing it? Why not just go online and do a google search about it.

    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      Make4meCrazy there are actually tools you can use to clean up your anal like Anal Douche which can be found on Amazon.

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    True, true, that you have to think of hygiene as you're preparing or readying yourself for the actual contact that you'll be having with your bf and your thinking about the pain. Am I quick to presume that you're being bothered with the pain that you'll be having being a first-timer? But what about pleasure after the pain? the orgasm that is better than vaginal orgasm. I think that you and bf should give it a try. And I tell you, you'll be the one craving to be probed via the backdoor.


    • pussyGrouchywet
      pussyGrouchywet commented
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      Really? This is my first time to hear that anal orgasm is better than vaginal orgasm. I guess that I need to try that one soon. You got me curious on this one.

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    I guess that you should be prepared when you do an anal sex. Your ass must be very clean so that it would not be messy when you do it. For a first timer, that would surely hurt.


    • pussyAveragelicking
      pussyAveragelicking commented
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      Will it be bleeding on the first time of anal sex?

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    Normal? I could not say that it is very normal, but some men want to do anal with their girlfriends. Those men who are too adventurous are the ones who would do such acts. It depends on the man, and it the woman agrees with him.


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      Why not just type anal sex preparation tips on google in order to prepare yourself on your first anal encounter


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        Doing anal sex is something that most guys would definitely want to try. When it comes to rimming, that's something that most guys are not into.