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    I had a relationship with a dominant lady before. It started off as just a normal relationship. She always wanted to take control. It was a turn on for me, and the view was great, so I was happy to go along with it. Is this so unusual? Do any of you ladies live in a similar relationship, or would you even like to be the dominant one?

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    I have lots of sex buddies who prefer for me to take charge. They tell me that it alleviates the pressure they feel if I'll always be in the lead.


    • assSquealingtight
      assSquealingtight commented
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      It's pretty odd if the man pushes to be the submissive one. I often think of them as people who have low sex drive.

    • missScientifichorny
      missScientifichorny commented
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      Are you sure that it alleviates the pressure and they're not just lazy partners?

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    Is she always the one who's in charge even if the two of you were out in public? Or it is more of a bedroom thing?


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      What was the reason why you ended up being turned on by it? Was it because you're often the one who's in-charge and you want to feel helpless for once?


      • NasTeeGal
        NasTeeGal commented
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        What you've said might be the main reason why he was extra turned on by it.

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      So, in other words, you've become Anastasia and she's Gray. Did you also try to be the dominant one? I like being the submissive one and I always like the guy to take over.


      • assLeantight
        assLeantight commented
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        It's pretty common for us ladies to be the submissive one and wants our partner to take over.

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      I've never been with a woman who's a completely dominant partner in the bedroom. Also, I'm not the type who needs to feel that I'm not in control.


      • NosyJosie
        NosyJosie commented
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        But are you willing to sleep with a woman who's dominant in the bedroom or it would still be a no for you?

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      I think you're lucky that you have found someone like her and I can see how happy you are. Is she a bigger woman than you? and I'm hoping she's not someone whose masculine.


      • RootMartingale
        RootMartingale commented
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        I imagine her dressing up as a dominatrix who takes up power and elegance and certainly in control over him.

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      I can be in control if the man likes it. I tried it once by switching sides/roles but I still prefer the man to be on the dominant side so he will be the one to direct and do the heavy lifting for me.


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        Always preferred that the guy was the one who's in charge, but I would love to be the one who's on top during sex.


        • MacabreMachine
          MacabreMachine commented
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          Yeah girl! it's more fun to be on top and I always prefer to be in that position.

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        I do initiate and take control of everything when we switch sides so I can try to be the dominant one. I'll initiate the kissing, spanking and doing it rough.


        • DeeBeat
          DeeBeat commented
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          When it comes to spanking, are you the one who spanks the guy or you tell him that you want to be spanked.

        • ChoreaCholera
          ChoreaCholera commented
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          Do you also wear those latex ones that they use in BDSM?

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        I don't like being the dominant one and I don't have enough sex drive to fulfill that role. I'm sticking with being a sub all the way.


        • JenGray
          JenGray commented
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          Why do you think that you need to have a high sex drive in order to be a dominant partner?