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  • Post Breakup Sex

    Does any of you had a fuck buddy for the sole purpose of getting over an ex? Or had a fubu before entering a new relationship

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    Yes, I did that for the sole purpose of moving on from my past relationship.


    • HeatingSweetDrill
      HeatingSweetDrill commented
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      And I how many times you've done it?

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    Not a fuck buddy but I think having sex with someone after a breakup is a great step to move on.


    • Presentox
      Presentox commented
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      So you would end up with anybody who's horny?

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    Yes, I've hooked up with a couple of men in order to forget about my ex


    • pussyManylicking
      pussyManylicking commented
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      Are you seeing anyone at the moment?

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    That's a given already after a break up. The first few hookups are just for sex and nothing else


    • Orangexana
      Orangexana commented
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      So did it help you to move on?

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    No, I prefer eating my comfort foods than having sex.


    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      So you would just play with yourself if you ever feel horny all of a sudden?

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    If you're the type who always needs to have a dick or pussy ready, then you've actually had a fubu in between relationships


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      I don't see anything wrong about having fubu while you're not in the mood for a relationship


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        I had a fuckbuddy before I met my boyfriend, I stopped contacting him when me and my boyfriend started dating.


        • NosyJosie
          NosyJosie commented
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          Are you going to contact your fuck buddy once the relationship ends?

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        Of course, just because I'm recovering from a relationship doesn't mean that my pussy would be off limits from dicks that are looking for some action


        • D'arcy
          D'arcy commented
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          Guess that you're the type who has backup dicks in case your relationship doesn't work out?