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  • Sigh Of Relief

    To those who have been in a one sided relationships or relationship where you're the one who was always adjusting towards your partner, were you relieved that your relationship was over?

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    I felt bad for a few weeks, but my friends told me that I deserve someone better than her that is when I realized that she doesn't really cared that much for me


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      I had a couple of relationships that were like that while I was still studying. Yes, I was somewhat relieved but it took sometime before I realized that it was a good thing that we broke up


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        Not immediately because the first thing that popped in my head was whether I have really given it my best or not


        • pussyManylicking
          pussyManylicking commented
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          You deserve better, that's for sure.

        • BargeSuave
          BargeSuave commented
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          I know and I hope that someday, I will find that man who I truly deserve.

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        I just realized now that I was really a bad girl back then. I remember my ex-boyfriend, he was always the one adjusting whenever I'm in a bad mood.


        • SusySue
          SusySue commented
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          Do you regret it?

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        Yes, I remember I was always the one adjusting towards my ex-boyfriend.


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          I was relieved when he said that he was breaking up with me.


          • DeeBeat
            DeeBeat commented
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            Just curious, why didn't you tell him that from the very beginning?

          • pussyGreedytight
            pussyGreedytight commented
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            Maybe she still cares for her ex, that's why she never told him.

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          I never had a one-sided relationship before, it must have been hard not being loved by the person you love.


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            Yes! I was relieved that it was over and I hope he does too.


            • KayDot
              KayDot commented
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              Not really sure that he would be relieved by it if he was the one who's more invested in the relationship

            • MissTee
              MissTee commented
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              Lol. It was a long time ago. I'm sure he moved on.