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    Are you the type who would introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family or you prefer to introduce him to them during a family gathering or holiday?

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    I prefer to let the relationship last for a couple of months before I introduce her to my crazy family


    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      Since you mentioned that your family is crazy, are you not afraid that she has no plans of meeting them again after that?

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    Definitely not immediately. I want to be sure that we've known each other well enough before I would introduce him to my family


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      I've not been in contact with my parents for years. But I would really consider doing this when I'm engaged. Letting them know is the least you can do.


      • ZsaZsa
        ZsaZsa commented
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        Least but the best. It's like telling them that they're still relevant.

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      Many family gathering pictures taken are ruined because I brought home someone who I broke up with eventually. It's always me, my family and the stranger. So no to me in bringing them home on family gatherings.


      • assSquealingtight
        assSquealingtight commented
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        Guess that your family is the type who always brings a camera during those gatherings and love to take pictures of each other

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      It's never a need to introduce them. But if they will actually ask, I would gladly let them meet.


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        Maybe if we've reached the six month mark and if they're interested in meeting each other, why not


        • Orangexana
          Orangexana commented
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          I bet that the guy would try his best in avoiding that meeting lol

        • SusySue
          SusySue commented
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          Orangexana Why would they try their best on avoiding them though?

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        I'm the type of person who really likes her privacy in this kind of matter so for me, that's a no.


        • PreserveDrill
          PreserveDrill commented
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          So you would often make an excuse to avoid meeting the parents of your boyfriend

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        Not that immediately. We should be together for at least a year before I would introduce him to my family. I do not want that I would introduce a man then after a month the man was gone already.


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          I would introduce him immediately if I want the man so much. In that way, he would have a hard time dumping me as everyone would already know him. How possessive could I get?


          • pussyGrouchywet
            pussyGrouchywet commented
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            lol. You can be possessive all you want but how can you be so sure that he would not leave you?

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          I am living alone now and my family are far from me so there is no need to introduce my boyfriend. They would be able to get to know him when we are about to get married.


          • NosyJosie
            NosyJosie commented
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            So you don't go and visit them during the holidays? And when was the last time you've seen your family?

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          If we've been together for almost a year and the holidays are quite near, there's a chance that my folks would love to invite him over


          • D'arcy
            D'arcy commented
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            Are you going to force the guy to meet them if he feels that he's not yet ready to meet them or you're going to respect his decision of not meeting them yet

        • #13
          If the girl I'm seeing is really special to me, then I don't care about how long we've been together, I am always ready to introduce her to my family.