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  • Dating With Kids

    I am not afraid to admit that I have children. I do not look at it as a hinderance but I know that a lot of people are not totally on board with this whole thing. Is it better for me to just put out there or keep it to myself? I just have not dated since before having kids and now that I amI feel like the game has changed but also my life has changed.

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    Naw, children, divorce, marriage, heart ache at this point in time there not a single person who doesn't come with baggage. Honeslty it is better to be up front with that stuff because what if you really start a to like a girl and than you spring this on her. This way you can weed out the ones who really have a problem with children?


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      Honestly, it is fine. I am positive that no one cares about the fact that you have kids but being more honored.


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        I have kids and honestly dating isn't the hard part. Introducing your kids to someone that is the hard part. That part is something I have not reached yet. I do not think that I will anytime soon either. Don't worry about it, You make time when you can for your hookups and the rest of the time you can put towards your kids.


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          I say, you have to tell your date right off the bat. If they reject you, at least you didn't have to waste time trying to win them over.


          • GenStacy
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            I agree so there wouldn't be any problem soon.

          • MissTee
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            Have you dated a single dad before?

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          I guess you are a proud dad and there are a lot of women out there who would accept you and your kids. My advice is you can join some interactive sites or go out with your friends.


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            If you can juggle dating and being a dad, go ahead and date any girl that you want


            • NasTeeGal
              NasTeeGal commented
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              Yeah, and it would be much easier for you if they are already in college or about to go to college

            • ZsaZsa
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              Have you been with a single dad before?

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            It is just okay to put yourself out in the market. But you have to make sure that you're still able to make time with your kids


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              With that body of yours, accompanied by a sweet personality, dams you won;t ever have to be worried about anything.