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  • 40s something women

    For men who are still on their 40s, it is fine to have a partner and still have children.
    Now, let us tackle about the women. Do women in their 40s still want to have children? Or is it still advisable for them not to bear children anymore? Or do they just want a partner to be with and just forget to have children?

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    It is no longer advisable for women in their 40s to bear children. Forcing to bear children on that age range might be problematic. The good news is, they could have a partner to be with.


    • GenStacy
      GenStacy commented
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      I think if the woman has frozen some of her eggs before she hit that age, there's still a chance that they can have children of their own

    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      GenStacy It is common for sperm to be frozen but not eggs. I actually have not heard someone intentionally frozen her egg for future use. But, yeah, you had a nice there.

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    For women who still have plans of having their own children, some of them already made plans on how to do that before they hit that age. Like having some of their eggs frozen. And besides you if can just adopt a child if you don't mind having a child that has both your dna in it


    • MonalMonarchy
      MonalMonarchy commented
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      Adopting a child is an option but then it would not be your own.

    • pussyPurplewet
      pussyPurplewet commented
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      So before we hit that age, we must have children already. Right?

    • pussyManylicking
      pussyManylicking commented
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      Does it mean if you would settle down around that age, you would prefer to adopt a child? Stellar

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    If the both of you are willing to take the risk, go ahead and try have a child the normal way or try to have one with the help of modern science


    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      They could still have a child the normal way but the chance of having some genetic abnormalities would already be high. Using modern science, through IVF, they could have a twin.

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    I've met some amazing women in their 40s living out their best lives without husbands and children. They look like they're still in their 20s


    • pussyQuietwet
      pussyQuietwet commented
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      Really? How did they manage to look like 20s when they were already in their 40s? Are there secrets that I also need to know?

    • NosyJosie
      NosyJosie commented
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      Would that make you think you're going to take your time when it comes to settling down?