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  • A proposal

    You have some online dating accounts across various sites. One day, you received a message from an old person. He/She is about 60 years and openly proposed to be with you as friends with benefit. He/She would have sex with you while you could have some financial benefits from him/her. Would you take it?

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    Of course! Why would I not want to take it? If there are financial benefits from it then I'd take it without any hesitations, whatsoever. It's not like every day you get to receive a message like that. I just have to make sure that he is not messing with me.


    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      I will do whatever it takes to hook up with this old man because there's money involved. I don't think that there would ever be a man who will offer me cash in exchange for sex, now that is something that I could not turn down.

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    I would delete the message without replying it. It is a no for me. I am not like a bitch that needed to be paid for sex. If I want someone, there should be no money that is involved.


    • Planext
      Planext commented
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      I respect your decision about that, it's okay if you're not into those things. I think you did the right thing, you should've at least blocked him too just to make sure that he will never contact you again.

    • pussyGreedytight
      pussyGreedytight commented
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      Right. Only those bitch-like ladies would accept such offer. Well, sometimes, we could not blame them. Maybe, they need money.

    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      But if you did not reply, he could still be waiting for you to make a reply. Do not let someone wait for nothing.

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    How much is the monetary offer? LOL. It depends on the offer, of course. If the amount is acceptable then okay I would take it.


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      Are you serious? Well, count me in too! If the offer is just about right, I'd still accept it anyway, it's not like every day in my life I'd get offers like that, such a nice thing for me to receive!

    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      My gosh. So, you are only after the money? Why? Are you in dire need of money?

    • missScientifichorny
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      If it is low amount, would you still take it? Remember that it would be a long term engagement.

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    I think that is not a friends with benefits situation. I think that is definitely a sugar baby-sugar parent relationship. So if I received a proposal just like that, I'll probably decline it. I won't accept money in exchange of my body or any sexual service.


    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      I agree. Especially if the age gap is too big. If I received that kind of proposal, I'll decline it right away. I don't want to involve myself with a relatively older man than me.

    • MacabreMachine
      MacabreMachine commented
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      Would you not like to have a second thought? Yeah, it would look like a sugar baby - sugar daddy relationship but more on the sex side. Lol.

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    I believe that I'll go for it. I need money and it's not as if we are going to be anything than two people benefiting from each other, right?


    • HotBorg
      HotBorg commented
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      What if you fall in love with that 60 years old man? And what if he asks you to marry him? Would you say yes? I bet you'll turn down the proposal if you think about the questions that I mentioned.

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    I think I can go for an FWB situation because I'll receive financial benefits and that's a win for me. FWB relationship does not mean that we are going to have sex every time, right?


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      I wouldn't agree to the proposal given to me by a 60-year old man. I don't think that I need to have a sugar daddy. I can still sustain myself, anyway.


      • missIdiotichorny
        missIdiotichorny commented
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        Hahaha. Of course, we would look like a bitch if we do accept his proposal. We are not bitches so it would be a no for us.

      • BessyMae
        BessyMae commented
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        Yes. We should not take those kinds of proposal. It looks like we are so low if we aceppt it.

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      Yes, I think I'd be willing to agree on that kind of proposal. I am single anyway and I would love to have some financial gains while I enjoy the sexual experience.


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        No. Not everything could be bought by money. We have our dignity, too.