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My online friend likes older men

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  • My online friend likes older men

    I have an online friend and now, I never thought that we're close like sisters. She told me that she prefers dating older men in their 40s and beyond. Most preferred as a 'sugar relationship' and she's been doing it for almost a year now. I understand how she told me that she hates dealing with "boys" below her age because she only gets headaches and frustrations from them. She's only 21 but loves to date 'sugar daddies' because she gets to have luxurious things and is being treated like a princess. I told her that I'm having that she's living her best life right now.

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    What can I say? She should enjoy it while she still can. Now, she is still young and those sugar relationships with those older men are still possible. When she gets older, like 40s, she would not be able to easily do those kinds of things anymore.


    • GenStacy
      GenStacy commented
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      She's still young and she has a lot of things to experience, maybe sooner or later she'll get tired of those older men and would start taking relationships seriously with the right man. So, for now, she should enjoy most of her dates with those older men.

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    I guess she needs to stop dating those older men and start to date men of her age. Yes, younger men are immature but every man is like that. She only needs to choose the better men as not all men are created equal.


    • HeatingSweetDrill
      HeatingSweetDrill commented
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      It is given that those guys at her age do not know how to treat her the way she wanted to, that's why she's settling for those older men who would treat her better than those boys.

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    Don't you think that she's just taking advantage of those older men? I just thought that girls at her age wouldn't be hanging around with older men like that but wow, she's mature for her age and knows exactly what she wants.


    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      She knows what she's doing and what she definitely wants. She's one clever girl and I'm happy for her, to be honest.

    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      It is clear that she is taking advantage of them. Maybe, she is too beautiful to be resisted. Anyway, if those old men still insist on having her, then it is their choice. Hey, both want it, so the case is mutually accepted.

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    But those young men are great in bed. I know because I had experienced it multiple times already. They may be immature, yes, most of them are, but when it comes to bed, I just love them. Lol.


    • MacabreMachine
      MacabreMachine commented
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      They may be great in bed but they are complicated to handle. Why? They act really immature and most of them just want to play games. I sometimes cannot deal with their bullshit.

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    She has points why she likes those old men. Well, she is clever that she selected those older men who could provide her with better things. But, until when? Sooner, she would need to select someone of her age. I am sure that she would not select an old man to be her real partner.


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      So what? She enjoys it, and she earns money from her odd job. I think that she is just using her head well in this hard and trying times. Anyway, she should save some money from her earnings as she won't be able to be a sugar baby for a long time. Soon, she would be replaced by other younger women.


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        I am one of the girls who like older men. cuz older men are more experts in bed.