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It's more fun to masturbate

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  • It's more fun to masturbate

    I have always wondered if it is unhealthy not to masturbate, then I read some articles about it and found out that it is. Turns out, masturbation releases endorphins which can help relieve stress, sexual tension and helps with insomnia. It can also help your metabolism to kick up a notch a little bit, and the list goes on actually. But there are also some perks on excessive masturbation that has been proved like hair loss, blurred vision and groin pain. But not masturbating at all can also cause infertility, due to the cells dying and not spawning some fresh ones. The human body really is a wonderful thing since it can come up with natural ways to deal with the typical everyday bullshit, but we all know that too much something is bad so keep it real out there! So Guys and Gals, how often do you masturbate in a week? Or in a day? Tell me your story.

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    How often do you masturbate in a single day that you became suddenly conscious about the effects of it?


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      I think more than the usual

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    What the fuck did I just read? lol I often play with myself a couple of times a week in case you're going to ask how often I masturbate