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We had pizza

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  • We had pizza

    So this guy ordered pizza before I arrived in his apartment, we watched a movie and make out after. But it was different this time though we were having sex and food, he let me lie down place the pizza on my body and ate it, I did the same thing on him. It went on till we were licking and sucking each other's goodies. I was great and I think this is a night I will not forget. How about you guys, have you ever used food during intimacy?

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    I guess I am going to ask my partner so that we can try this one.


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      I would love to have that kind of experience with you.


      • Skamille
        Skamille commented
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        How about do it with me.

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      Yes, I've already used chocolate syrup, whipped cream and even Japanese food during sex. Not all three at the same time of course


      • JenGray
        JenGray commented
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        I think the first two can be used at the same time

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      I thought that thing only happens on a Japanese porn. LMAO!


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        I put whipped cream all over my body and my ex-boyfriend licked it all for me.


        • Funferral
          Funferral commented
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          I wanna try this. I bet it will be fun and thrilling.

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        This is just a nice way to spice up the kitchen table. Lol


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          Best way to start breakfast, lunch, and dinner is sex, and the best way to end it is also sex.


          • pussyPurplewet
            pussyPurplewet commented
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            Agree, you can try having sex while eating.