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I'm so anxious

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  • I'm so anxious

    We were having sex and he came in me and kept going, I don't know what to do. Both of us were so drunk at that time.

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    So what makes anxious?


    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      She's thinking that she might get pregnant because of that.

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    That is not something to be anxious about. Just forget about it.


    • pussyManylicking
      pussyManylicking commented
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      She might be thinking that she would get pregnant with that.

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    So what are you exactly want to say?


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      I guess it's their problem now after not putting any protection.

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    Are you feeling anxious because you might end up being pregnant because he came inside you?


    • KayDot
      KayDot commented
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      If that's the reason, then they have no one to blame but themselves since they didn't use any protection

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    In case you will be pregnant, don't abort the baby.


    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      I hope they will not abort the baby.

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    That's okay as long as you don't get pregnant. But next time, be careful when you drunk so that this kind of scenario will not be repeated.


    • pussyPurplewet
      pussyPurplewet commented
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      Agree, self awareness should always be present even if you are drunk.

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    Did you have a PT test already? Just let us know what are the results.


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
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      I think it's too early for that.

    • BessyMae
      BessyMae commented
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      She must wait for another week to know if it's positive.

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    You can't be pregnant by a one time sex only. Don't be paranoid about it.


    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      There's always a chance of being pregnant the guy decides to go raw on the girl

    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      But the percentage of being pregnant on the first try is low.