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  • Real or no?

    What are your honest opinions to people who underwent plastic surgery?

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    I think it's ok to have plastic surgery to boost confidence, especially to girls.


    • BigBurrito
      BigBurrito commented
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      Yep, and I don't mind too.

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    I don't think anyone needs to have plastic surgery because every human is special and beautiful.


    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      I agree with you, everyone should learn to love and accept themselves.

    • Skamille
      Skamille commented
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      Yes, unless there is an accident and needs plastic surgery. It is fine with me.

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    I think it is cool to have plastic surgery if it is safe and the outcome is good. I don't mind having a girl who went through surgery.


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      It's ok to have plastic surgery as long as it's not exaggerated.


      • ZsaZsa
        ZsaZsa commented
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        How exaggerated are you talking about?

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      I don't see anything wrong going under the knife as long as it not extreme plastic surgery.


      • MonalMonarchy
        MonalMonarchy commented
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        Indeed, plastic surgery is a norm nowadays.

    • #7
      I don't think they need to have big boobs or ass for them to be appreciated more.


      • LustyGirl
        LustyGirl commented
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        I think only a few men would say that.

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        basilia02 commented
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      If somebody tells me that he or she's going to get one, I would often remind him or her to make sure that the doctor really knows that the person is doing


      • #9
        Plastic surgery is not wrong if it will help you gain confidence in yourself.


        • #10
          I don't understand them, why can't they be just contented to what they look like.


          • #11
            Nothing, I see them as ordinary people who are trying to look their best.