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  • GOT thoughts?

    Game of Thrones has finally come to its ending so, what do you think of its finale episode?

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    The ending sucks really disappointed.


    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      I agree, not only the ending but the whole season sucks.

    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      Well, I hope they will reshoot the entire season 8.

  • #3
    I think Bran manipulated the ending. lol


    • pussyGreedytight
      pussyGreedytight commented
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      Lol, yeah. He wasn't consistent the whole season 8.

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    The one thing that I didn't like about the ending was that Arya wasn't able to kill Cersei


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      I'm fine with it. The ones who are hating the entire season just set their standards too high that's why they were disappointed by it


      • assLeantight
        assLeantight commented
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        Nah, we did not let our standards too high, the final season was just low standards when it comes to the storyline.

    • #6
      It was so bad for me, I think the writers did not think it through.


      • Presentox
        Presentox commented
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        You are right, it was pretty disappointing.

    • #7
      The worst ending ever of a good series. I hate how they destroyed the series.


      • Funferral
        Funferral commented
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        I hope that you never watched How I Met Your Mother since that's another show that had a terrible ending

      • JenGray
        JenGray commented
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        Funferral hated the finale of that show as well. Made me feel bad about the mother

    • #8
      The whole season 8 sucks but the ending is quite alright for me.


      • assSquealingtight
        assSquealingtight commented
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        Why do you think that the entire season sucks? Is it because there are few sex scenes? lol

    • #9
      Not really a fan of it, so I didn't cared about it


      • #10
        It was a big failure for me, I think they never gave enough thought on it.


        • #11
          I think we set really high expectations when it comes to the last season that's why most people felt let down when they've watched it. I would suggest the next time one of your favorite shows is about to end, treat it like one of those DCEU movies. To put it in layman terms, have very low expectations for it lmao