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  • Let's explore!

    Would it be fun if you rather explore the world? Or explore your partner? Why?

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    I'd rather explore the world and might find different ladies to hook-up with along the journey. Easy!


    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      Yeah, I guess I'd rather explore the world since the world has more to offer than my imaginary partner that only offers you false hopes and broken promises.

    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      Oh, wow. You have a nice argument there. Hmmm, I would be your follower. I would like to travel and explore the various men of the world. Who is the yummiest of them all?

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    I'm more curious about meeting other people. So, I'd rather explore my partner, any partner - sex partner or a best friend. I'd wanted to know more of what makes them THEM.


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      Can I rather explore myself instead? LOL, Okay. I'd rather discover my partner or new people. I'd love to meet other people because I'm very sociable.


      • NaughtyTaco
        NaughtyTaco commented
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        Why didn't you choose to explore the world? Since you mentioned that you're sociable, then maybe you'd meet new people there too.

      • Outdoorwa
        Outdoorwa commented
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        NaughtyTaco That would be wonderful idea. Exploring the world and with it, exploring the people.

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      For me its not always the man that needs exploring. I like to explore the world much more because it has more meaning and depths rather than focusing on human anatomy


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        It's more fun exploring the world with a guy of course. Exploring marvelous caves around the world and tall towers


        • Presentox
          Presentox commented
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          im thinking that those places are a reflection of our body parts Lol

        • HotCat
          HotCat commented
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          Yes, you are right. It would be fun if your partner is with you in exploring the world. But, then, you needed to choose one only. So, which would you choose?

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        I will explore the world as I would get the chance to see the whole world. I would get to taste various cuisines and see those tourist spots.
        Going back to exploring my partner, there is nothing to explore at him anymore. I had done lots of things with him so there is nothing more to do, really.


        • Make4meCrazy
          Make4meCrazy commented
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          I would love to join you there and we'll travel the world!