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    hey im wondering what movies people are watching on Netflix these days. i need a new one. any suggestions?

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    I've been watching handmaids tale. this show is crazy!


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      If your not already watching it, you need to watch Game Of Thrones. There's lots to catch up on before the next season starts.


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        Narcos is my shit! You need to check that out


        • BigBurrito
          BigBurrito commented
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          I hope that you're not the type who's going to try the drug business because of it

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        I enjoy watching Stranger Things, House Of Cards and Jessica Jones. Also into the shows under the DC Arrowverse


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          Stranger things, Riverdale and Black mirror


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            I'm planning to watch Westworld. I heard a lot of buzz about that show since last year. Planning to finally finish the show Weeds in the near future


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              I have heard a couple of shows that are interesting but haven't really seen an episode yet. Here are some of them: American Gods, The Handsmaid's Tale, Twin Peaks Revisited


              • NosyJosie
                NosyJosie commented
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                I think you should watch the previous seasons of Twin Peaks if you're planning to watch the new one

              • DonVoom
                DonVoom commented
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                Sure i'll give it a go

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              Are some of the shows that have made a comeback (Roseanne, Will & Grace, Fuller House, The X Files) still as good as before?


              • ZsaZsa
                ZsaZsa commented
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                Haven't catch any of the revivals. Just hope that Will & Grace is still as good as before

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              I'm planning to start watching Legion since I'm really into Aubrey Plaza


              • GenStacy
                GenStacy commented
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                I like her as well. I would totally go gay on her given a chance

              • JayRock
                JayRock commented
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                lol i would pay to watch that