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How Do You Decide Where To Go For A First Date?

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  • How Do You Decide Where To Go For A First Date?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestins for how to decide where to go for a first date. I met a really cool chick on here and I'm not looking to make things super fancy or anything but I'd also like to stand out a bit from other guys she might be talking to. What kind of unique date ideas has anyone tried that have been big hits?

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    This will always depend on the person you're with of course, but I've actually taken first dates out cosmic bowling to a place that was licensed and we had a blast. Things like that are little experiences that leave impressions with people and they tend to remember them. I'd definitely suggest doing something cool like that. Something less typical than the standard dinner and a movie. It's always worked for me.


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      If it's anything too extreme, you'll probably want to make sure that you run it by your date first, because you'll want her to dress for the occasion. You don't want to pick her up to go rock climbing as a surprise, and then have her come out in a skirt and heels. That's not going to work. If you really want the element of surprise though, see what's passing through town. I've found that really cool art and museum exhibits have worked, as well as cool concerts, if they happen to fall on nights that I'm taking a date out. Another surefire hit is usually a jazz bar. Whether they're into it or not, the music still ends up setting a chill and comfortable tone and it's easy to talk with it playing in the background. Being well-rounded when it comes to dates is always a good idea. I'd give any of these a try. All have worked for me.


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        By the time I take someone out, I'll usually know if they're a sports fan and if they are, I'll try and take them to a game. It's a fun and exciting way to have a good first date together, and it's also something that you'll both really enjoy if you're big fans. I like to date women who like sports because I'm really into them, so if we're both into the same sports and one of the teams is playing that night, that's where I'll try to take her. It works every time! It's exciting for them because they're a fan and it also gives you a chance to enjoy the game while you're on a hot date. That's a win all around!