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  • Learning New Skills

    To those who are stuck at their homes at the moment. Does any of you trying to learn something new since you can't go outdoors? For me, I'm trying to learn to cook different kinds of pasta sauces and making pasta as well.

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    I am also learning how to cook so I could impress my next date and invite him over for lunch or a dinner. I'm learning how to do French Apple Tart and Beef Bourguignon. Bon Appetit.


    • assUbiquitoustight
      assUbiquitoustight commented
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      What are the other dishes or deserts that you've tried so far?

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    I'm actually learning tai chi and new yoga poses as my morning routine after that I research and make healthy smoothies as part of getting fit and maintaining my diet.


    • assLeantight
      assLeantight commented
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      Good for you, What are some nice cool yoga poses you can recommend?

    • NosyJosie
      NosyJosie commented
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      Have you been practicing yoga before or this is something that you recently tried doing?

    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      NosyJosie I've been into yoga in my spare time. assLeantight Adho mukha svanasana or Downward-Facing Dog is a very relaxing pose to me.

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    I just watch documentaries that interests me like Ugly Delicious, music documentaries, and the ones about WWII


    • missScientifichorny
      missScientifichorny commented
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      KinkyKate If you are on Netflix you can also check Tiger king and Miss Americana which is a documentary of Taylor Swift.

    • JayRock
      JayRock commented
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      missScientifichorny Tiger King is one crazy documentary and Joe Exotic is a really interesting person.

    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
      ShrillForlifeGrandiose commented
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      Documentaries? I love watching documentaries. btw, can you recommend to us what documentary you've watched?

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    I am honing my skill of craftsmanship and focusing on glass art. I have lots of free time so I do it every day and might sell them afterward.


    • RootMartingale
      RootMartingale commented
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      What kind of glass art are you making? Is it a vase or the glass windows they used at the church where there's art painted on it?

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    I am learning how to be flexible and watching videos on how to do a cartwheel. Next will be handstand and splits.


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      Why are you interested in learning how to do a cartwheel? Are you hoping to be a gymnast by the end of this pandemic?

    • LustyGirl
      LustyGirl commented
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      So how flexible are you right now? Can you easily do the splits?

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    Not really since I spend most of my day working so my days are like the regular ones but the only difference is that I'm working at home.


    • MacabreMachine
      MacabreMachine commented
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      I think you should find a time to do something else do relieve you of the stress.

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    I am actually learning how to draw. I hope that I'm not late learning this stuff because someday I want to paint in a canvass.


    • HotBorg
      HotBorg commented
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      What mostly do you draw? I really want to learn it but so lazy and got no material to start with.

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    I'm learning how to make a signature dish. I am more of a veggie and seafood person.


    • NaughtyTaco
      NaughtyTaco commented
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      Same with me since I am the only one who knows to cook. I am trying different recipes on my salad.

    • HeatingSweetDrill
      HeatingSweetDrill commented
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      So what is the best salad you ever made? NaughtyTaco

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    I'm learning how to dance by searching for videos for me to do and practice. I am just a beginner FYI.


    • CrazyBabixz
      CrazyBabixz commented
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      It's good to dance sometimes so we can express our emotions and can also use dance as an art of seduction.

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    I am learning to play the guitar as always. I'm a girl who rocks country music playing Creedence Clearwater Revival and Dixie Chicks.


    • BigBurrito
      BigBurrito commented
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      What are some of the songs that you often play on the guitar?

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    I want to learn new strokes lol. I'm talking about swimming strokes since I have a mini pool that I can dive into and practice my strokes .


    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      You must be so wet in doing that stroke simultaneously and I wish you can teach us ladies the proper way to stroke.

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    I'm learning to speak Spanish and I often use them to talk to my friends even if they're clueless. Te Quiero.


    • MurphyLove
      MurphyLove commented
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      I only know words like estupido and pendejo. It's only the words I keep on remembering.

    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      Lol, you must have always heard that from spanish movies MurphyLove

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    Updating my skills! Hahahaha I have learned how to sew clothes already. I made my own summer skirt. SUMMER skirt, in case I get vaccinated and gotta have the chance to enjoy the heat