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    What were some of funniest compliments that a child has given to you? Mine was being told I looked like Barbie only if she was not tall.

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    This happened when I was still wearing braces. Our neighbor who was around 6 or 7 years old at the time asked me if I can rap. When I asked him why, he tells me it is because of the metal things that are on my teeth. He thought that my braces where grills that most rappers wore at the time.


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      My niece told me that I look like a daisy when I started wearing skirts or dresses. It's not that I don't like them and really I'm a tomboy at heart.


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        A kid told me that I look like a mannequin because I was so thin and tall with a blonde long hair.


        • LatheeLatte
          LatheeLatte commented
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          I thought the kid saw you and you were not moving that why he/she told you that you were a mannequin lol.

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        The daughter of my coworker once asked me if my asscheeks are made of marshmallow since they look soft and fluffy.


        • pussyWorthlesswet
          pussyWorthlesswet commented
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          Did you let her touch your butt so that she can know for herself if they are really soft and fluffy as she described it?

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        Not really a compliment, but there was a kid who asked me why I was wearing a costume during Halloween. She asked me if I wanted to go trick and treating with her since I'm also wearing a costume.


        • SusySue
          SusySue commented
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          So did you go and have a trick or treat with her when she asked you out?

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        It was a nine year old who asked me this question but he asked me if I'm a fan of the show Stranger Things. I had a shaved head at the time and might have thought that I've done it because of the show.


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          I used to play with my nephew and told me that I am more fun than bubble wrap and I was like Oh that was nice I hope you don't pop me out like a bubble wrap because I got a lot of air in me lol.