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End Of An Era?

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  • End Of An Era?

    To those who prefers hookups rather than real relationships, have you thought when you would stop doing it and try having a real relationship instead?

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    I often mix them so that I only time I would end it is on the day that I would get married


    • Presentox
      Presentox commented
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      I'm confused with the "mix" thing, what would you mix and do you mind clarifying it to me.

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    If the person is afraid of commitment, then I'm not sure that he or she has plans of ending it. The person would just stop hooking up for a couple of months


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
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      So are you the type who's afraid of being in a commitment or not?

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    Yeah, but those people who came into my life were wrong people and not relationship worthy.


    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      Why did you feel that they didn't pass as somebody to have a relationship with?

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    That never crossed my mind at all, maybe because I know in myself that I am not still ready for commitment.


    • PreserveDrill
      PreserveDrill commented
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      Just admit that you're the type who's afraid of commitment

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    For now, i like to enjoy being single and just having fun,


    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      Exactly, and besides, we are still young and there more years to come ahead of us.

    • SusySue
      SusySue commented
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      I'm with you, girl.

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    I like to have a relationship with someone someday but not right now.


    • Skamille
      Skamille commented
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      But do you prefer to hookups or relationship?

    • MissTee
      MissTee commented
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      For now, I like hookups.

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    I did try that once with my fubu and it went not so good. Lol


    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      What was the reason why it didn't work between you and your fubu?

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    I always want to have a relationship but I was always rejected.


    • assUbiquitoustight
      assUbiquitoustight commented
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      Did they tell you why they rejected you?

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    I enjoy having hookups so I don't think I will have a real relationship anytime soon.


    • LustyGirl
      LustyGirl commented
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      Would you try to have a real relationship if I will give you 2M dollars?

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    I think if I will have a real relationship it will be when I am getting married and right now I am not ready. lol