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On The First Date

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  • On The First Date

    Does any of you hooked up with a guy or gal during the first date?

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    If he's really my type and to increase my chances of having a second date with him, then I would definitely do it with him during the first date


    • LauraJane
      LauraJane commented
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      That's too straight-forward if you ask me.

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    There have been a couple of times that I've actually done it


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      So what does a guy need to do in order for them to be lucky enough to sleep with you during the first date?

    • pussyPurplewet
      pussyPurplewet commented
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      DeeBeat what makes you think that she will tell you that?

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    Never, that's my personal rule, never hook up on the first and second date.


    • ZsaZsa
      ZsaZsa commented
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      So you go all out during the third one?

    • JayRock
      JayRock commented
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      ZsaZsa I hope that you're right about that one

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    Yes, he was really handsome so I never hesitated to hook up with him when he asked me.


    • Skamille
      Skamille commented
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      And did you have a second date with him or not?

    • GenStacy
      GenStacy commented
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      I bet she did.

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    Done that a lot of times and I don't see anything wrong about it.


    • CrushHaircut
      CrushHaircut commented
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      Yes, I agree its just one-night stand or something.

    • Stellar
      Stellar commented
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      Yeah, but sometimes I like to have a relationship to those I have dated.

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    Not all the times but if he's attractive and my type, I will be willing to.


    • HotVirtuoso
      HotVirtuoso commented
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      How many times have you slept with the guy on the first date?

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    I would try if she's willing to do it or not. If she's the type who doesn't sleep with guys on the first date and we're into each other, I'm willing to wait when she's ready


    • JenGray
      JenGray commented
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      So you like to wait and not rush it.

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    Never did that because I fear that they will think that it's all sex that I want from them.


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
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      Same here, I don't think it would be appropriate to ask for sex the first time.

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    Yes, we were both tipsy at that time we ended up having sex.