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Can We Make This Serious?

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  • Can We Make This Serious?

    Those who are able to make your fwb's or hookups into a real partner, what did you do in order for them to take things seriously with you?

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    Before doing or saying anything to him, you better make sure that he has the same feelings towards you first. You don't want to end up being a fool in case he rejects you


    • pussyGrouchywet
      pussyGrouchywet commented
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      I agree with you, that is why before doing/saying something, you have to be assured.

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    I would suggest to take it one step at a time. Suggesting that the two of you would do it more often and eventually you can ask him might develop feelings towards you


    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      Has that actually worked for you?

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    We are just curious about what will happen if we are a real couple and so we tried but sadly we ended up apart.


    • Funferral
      Funferral commented
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      That the sad thing if you started as fwb, it would surely end early.

    • LauraJane
      LauraJane commented
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      Should have known that earlier. Funferral

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    Never thought of doing that to my fwb.


    • CupMister
      CupMister commented
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      Doing what? Taking things seriously with him?

    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      But have you considered having a real relationship with your fwb?

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    I think they've just fallen in love because there are instances that you will fall in love with a person you've been seeing or having a sexual relationship for long.


    • assLeantight
      assLeantight commented
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      Is this based on something that happened to you before?

    • Orangexana
      Orangexana commented
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      So meaning they think they are in love but they are only feeling horny?

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    Just dropped hints like if he wanted for us to do it more often and get to know him more when we're having some post coitus small talk


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      Not really sure why would I do such a thing with my fuck buddy. Are you thinking a what if scenario that you suddenly develop feelings towards the person?


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        If that ever happens, I would probably just tell him directly


        • JayRock
          JayRock commented
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          And you're going to accept whatever his decision would be?

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        He makes me feel comfortable when I am with him.


        • Planeryte
          Planeryte commented
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          How long did your relationship last?

        • Stellar
          Stellar commented
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          Not that long because I was just a past time to him. He really loves his ex/girlfriend now.

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        I confessed my feelings for him not knowing that he felt the same towards me also.


        • SusySue
          SusySue commented
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          So you are in a relationship now?