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Friends with benefits and feelings

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  • Friends with benefits and feelings

    I want to hear your thoughts on this. So, I met a guy on a dating app and we started hanging out (sex is also involve here). He was like a brother to me. When we're out on the streets, he's like to publicly display his love and affection for me, "as his sister or friend". We agreed on our set-up, like a 'friends with benefits' or 'brother-sister' kind of way. But there's this one time I hooked up with another guy and he got really jealous. I can see it from his body language and his facial expressions while we talked about it. But he is aware that we're in this kind of set-up. I even asked him one time, if he wants to be in a serious relationship with me. He says that for now, he'll just see how it goes for us both. How long? Well, this has been weeks. I'm not in a rush too but the fact that he's not seeing other girls but me.

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    But since it has been weeks, I doubt that he is serious with you. But you could ask him again if he wants to have a serious relationship with you.


    • pussyGreedytight
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      Yup. This is the thing that she needs to do. Just ask him so that she would be able to know the current status.

    • pussyManylicking
      pussyManylicking commented
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      Allylithax there's also a possibility that he was hurt with her actions that's why he suddenly gotten cold towards her all of a sudden

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    He does not have the right to get jealous as you had your agreement that you were just friends with benefits. If he wants to have a higher level, then he could ask you for it and make an official relationship status.


    • ShrillForlifeGrandiose
      ShrillForlifeGrandiose commented
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      Maybe he knows or feels that she doesn't want it to be a real relationship that's why he's holding it back.

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    When a man get jealous, they say that they truly love the girl. Do you think and feel that he had started to love you?


    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      I believe that this is true. When a man gets jealous, he loves the woman. If the man did not show anything, then the woman would be just be a toy for him.

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    I think that the two of you should have set the rules properly first before agreeing to sleep with him since he might be thinking that you would be each others fuck buddy and no one else


    • PreserveDrill
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      Is there such a thing as an exclusive fuck buddy?

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    He might be assuming that you were in the same page as he is at the beginning of your "situation" that's why he felt jealous when he found out that you've slept with another guy. If I were you, tell him already what you towards him right than wait for him to make his move


    • SusySue
      SusySue commented
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      But what if he just normally gets jealous because he's a guy, he tends to be territorial in a bit. But they agreed on that kind of set-up. I guess it's both guys who liked her just because she's like their sex toy.

    • NosyJosie
      NosyJosie commented
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      What page was it exactly? That they're each others exclusive fuck buddy? He should have at least mentioned that in the beginning rather than try and make her guilty because he's jealous

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    He has no right to be jealous as the two of you has no relationship other than fuck buddies. He could have interpreted that the two of you were exclusive fuck buddies which is clearly not the case.


    • DonVoom
      DonVoom commented
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      I can tell that he really likes her. I don't get why he has to hurt himself in that situation. He can just tell her that he likes her. That she shouldn't be seeing anyone else because he is developing feelings for her.

    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      DonVoom It could be that he likes her as he had become jealous. If that is the case, then he should ask her if they like to be in a serious relationship which I doubt could happen.

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    He might be trying to playing safe with you at the moment that's why he wants to be your fubu and not trying to pursue you. But based on what you've told us, he's failing miserable with trying to play it safe since he's showing to you his true feelings towards you. I would suggest to talk to him already and find out if he's okay with the two of you being each others fuck buddies or he wants a real relationship with you


    • LauraJane
      LauraJane commented
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      She said that she has not heard of his answer for weeks now after he had said that they see how it would go. That would only mean that he just wants to have a fuck buddy relationship and not a serious one.

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    Originally posted by FitBiggMdogg View Post
    I would suggest to talk to him already and find out if he's okay with the two of you being each others fuck buddies or he wants a real relationship with you
    I agree with you on this one. Maybe it's about time for you to where you stand in your situation


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      So have you talked to him already or he's still not replying to any of your messages?


      • D'arcy
        D'arcy commented
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        Are you hoping that we would get an update on her current situation with the guy?