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  • Oversharing

    Sometimes we could not resist the urge to overshare our stories to people we hook up with. What could be the worst thing that you might have overshared to a hookup buddy?
    Last edited by KinkyKate; 01-09-2020, 06:14 AM.

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    I might've overshared him the times I've masturbated in a week or in a day and how many times I've got laid based on my hookups too. I think he was surprised that I'm too sexual like that. Did I hurt his fragile ego or something?


    • JayRock
      JayRock commented
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      Some guys do not find it sexy when you overshare your previous hookups but some will find it awesome, it might even turn them on just by listening to those stories of yours.

    • SusySue
      SusySue commented
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      No. He was shocked on the high frequency of your masturbation and hookups. It could be that you have more than the average.

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    I overshared to this girl about my business, well, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Most of it was the history of it, my strategies, and techniques. I was thinking that if she ever has her own business too, well, she might apply the things that I have said to her. Plus, I'm now worried that she might become my business rival.


    • assSquealingtight
      assSquealingtight commented
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      That's what happens when you overshare too much and it is about business. You did not see it coming that she might become your future business rival, lol, good luck on that one!

    • MurphyLove
      MurphyLove commented
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      She could be your business rival as she already knows all of your ideas - both strategies and techniques. She could tweak those ideas and create better ideas than what you had.

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    Nothing could be worst when the time I overshared this story, and now I will share it here. I got my undies wet when my ex fingered me somewhere in public but there aren't people around.


    • NasTeeGal
      NasTeeGal commented
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      I think he would be so turned on and might want to try it with you but this time, it would be him doing the job for you.

    • AbovePonde4r
      AbovePonde4r commented
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      How could it be a public place when there were no people around? Was that a secluded place where there were only the two of you?

    • BurntDrillSap
      BurntDrillSap commented
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      Just fingered by someone and gotten wet already? Well, I would not do that one in public.

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    I can't really remember the worst story that I've overshared to someone, but I remember the time when I was hooking up with someone then right after, we grabbed coffee together. I was sipping coffee and he was making jokes, then I laughed but the coffee came out of my nose and it was embarrassing.


    • pussyPurplewet
      pussyPurplewet commented
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      He must've burst out laughing when he saw what just happened. That's really embarrassing but definitely funny, at least you've made his day, he already has this impression of you that you're both funny and weird.

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    I only overshare my friend's hookup stories to my hookups, I don't usually share my stories but does that make me a bad friend? At least they do not know my friends and I am free to share their stories with him.


    • pussyPrecioustight
      pussyPrecioustight commented
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      Yes, BoundaryPreserve, you're a very bad friend to be oversharing your friend's hookup stories. Even if they do not know that you have been sharing their secrets, well, the thing is that they've trusted you and that's the bad thing about it, they've trusted you but you broke their trust and they're still unaware of it.

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    I told him all the sex positions that I had encountered. Lol. He was taken aback as I had more positions than what he had done.


    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      LOL, he is lowkey ashamed of himself hat you had way more experiences than he does. I think he should learn a thing or two from you and all those other techniques that he failed to learn as well.

    • MonalMonarchy
      MonalMonarchy commented
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      Does that mean that you are already over-sexed? See, you already know and encountered lots of sex positions already. The porn stars might even have some blushes on their faces upon learning that a non-porn star is more experienced than they are.

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    We should not overshare to the point that all the details were already given out. That is, we should maintain to keep some things for ourselves.


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      I do not think that there is such a thing as oversharing. Information are generally the same from person to person. It is like an alphabet, same letters on them, but only different fonts.


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        That would depend to the person, there are some people who likes listening to others story.