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  • So weird, huh!

    From time to time, we get to encounter some weird cases. So, what was your weirdest person or weirdest experience that you had encountered while having a hookup?

    Mine happened few years ago. I still remember what he did. He put on two pieces of condoms. I asked him why and he answered: "To be safer."

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    What the f. That guy was just so idiot. I had never seen anyone who had used two condoms on. With that thick coating, I bet that you had not feel anything fleshy anymore.


    • HotCat
      HotCat commented
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      Hahaha. The guy was so paranoid. How did he feel the sensation if he used two pieces of condoms? He was simply a moron.

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    My weirdest hookup encounter was with a girl who is addicted to anime. She mimics anime voices that were really cute at first but gets pretty weird and annoying during the dates we've had. People give us weird looks because of her intentional high-pitched voice, they even thought that I was dating a kid. Did I mention she's petite? So yeah, I'm not much of an anime fan but she is the weirdest date I've ever encountered.


    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      Why are some people need to follow those unreasonable things, like in your case, anime laughs? It is not bad to follow some good things but not those ridiculous things. And, oh, by the way, why did you make her laugh?

    • missIdiotichorny
      missIdiotichorny commented
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      Speaking of anime. I think that when we say anime, we would think of Japan. And speaking of Japan, why do they have some weird porn movies? You know, those irritating sounds plus the blurring effects on the genitals.

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    The weirdest person I've hooked up with was with a girl I met at a club. I was on the dancefloor busting my moves when she joined me, it was all good and fun. She pulled me to the side and we sat along with her friends, then she started kissing me. I thought this was okay, but I find it weird when she whispers to me saying that she's taking me home to introduce me to her parents. I excused myself to the bathroom but I already left the club and I left my friends there too. Lol!


    • JenGray
      JenGray commented
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      That girl was simply too fast! Ah, I know. She must be drunk at that time and she did not know what she was uttering to you. It happens you know.

    • ChoreaCholera
      ChoreaCholera commented
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      JenGray For her, it was love at first sight plus the alcohol that's why she made her say and do those things impulsively. I find it funny really, why didn't you stayed for a little while JayRock? Are you scared that her father might come to pick her up and bring you home too? :P

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    Probably my weirdest hookup experience happened years ago. The guy I'm with has a huge pack, even if he's average-looking but the fact that he's making weird sex noises than I am, and he's just too loud.


    • PreserveDrill
      PreserveDrill commented
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      What kind of weird noises does he make? I thought that he was making animal noises when you were fucking him hard lmao!

    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      Ewww, no, that is a no for me. I am referring to those weird sounds. That would creep me out.
      Well, as for the huge pack, then that is the thing that I love the most. lol.

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    The weirdest hookup I've experienced was with a huge guy. We agreed that he should come over to my place. So we were having sex, I was on top of him when he took off his condom in the middle of our sex and when he reached his climax he pulled his dick out and splatter his cum all over me. Sadly, I did not cum. He laid back in bed, took my laptop and started watching a movie while I clean up the whole mess. Oh, and he even told me to cook him a meal because he was hungry.


    • Outdoorwa
      Outdoorwa commented
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      Wow, first day of hookup and he's acting all comfortable around your place? Not to mention he's such a being a lazy ass! Did you dump him right after he finished his meal? LOL!

    • DeeBeat
      DeeBeat commented
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      I don't know if that's weird or he's just being too comfortable around you. And it seems like you're acting like his mom and he's your kid lol!

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    I've been with a weird and tipsy hookup before. After drinking at the bar, we went to the motel and got ourselves a room. We're having this wild sex and after that, we cuddled. During the pillow-talk, I was unaware that she was taking after-sex selfies of us. She kept 4 photos and one of them was me naked. I don't know why she did that, but I have come to my senses that she has plans to blackmail me with those photos. It was that time that I'm having a complicated relationship with my girlfriend and I'm afraid that she might send it to her. So, the next day I contacted her, I told her to delete the photos and it was really hard to know for sure if she'd deleted them already.


    • MissTee
      MissTee commented
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      She probably did a background check before she went out on a date with you. Maybe it was he plan after all when she discovered that you're already in a relationship with someone else. She wants to blackmail it to your girlfriend since you're screwing around with other women while you're in a relationship.

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    I don't know if you all consider this weird but because of my previous hookup. It's weird that he's not good at fingering and rubbing my clit. He hurt my clit way too many times, remind you guys that clits are really sensitive! Please don't try to impress us if you're not good.


    • pussyQuietwet
      pussyQuietwet commented
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      ouch i feel ya, it different than rubbing the dick hard, they must rub it smoothly and softly like when you caress an infant on the head

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    Mine was he loves tying up a rope or a ribbon on his penis and showing me different kind of knots that he could do and it was so weird