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Previous hookup suddenly wants to hookup again

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  • Previous hookup suddenly wants to hookup again

    Hooking up can sometimes lead to a one-time thing or a couple of times unless you both wanted it. Well, in this case, what if a previous hookup still has your info then suddenly hits you up to hook up again? Would you accept his/her back?

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    If she's one of my best hookups then yes, I will hook up with her again. I'm surprised that she reached out to me out of all the other dudes there. I guess we'll see what other hot moves she has for me, lol.


    • FitBiggMdogg
      FitBiggMdogg commented
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      I'm happy for you, some hookups even the good ones well, they don't seem to reach out anymore if it's actually just a one-time thing. Lucky for you, your ex-hookup decided to hook up with you again. You must be really good in bed, I can tell.

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    It depends on one thing. If I enjoyed it the last time, then yes, I would hook up with him again. Otherwise, I would decline his invitation. Once I had seen that a man had a small cock, and he was not good in bed, then I would instantly reject his invitation.


    • Skamille
      Skamille commented
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      If you've been with a guy with a small cock, it's okay to reject his offer. Well, at least he gets to be informed about it, right?

    • SusySue
      SusySue commented
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      Yes, of course. I would do the same thing. If he was good in bed, then I would accept his invitation to do it again.

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    But our hook ups as one night stands should remain to be taken as just once. When you do it multiple times, that would be considered as friends with benefits. Well, yeah, if I was satisfied the first time around, then I would agree for the succeeding times.


    • LatheeLatte
      LatheeLatte commented
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      Same here. I think that I would also accept what he wants to have. Or same idea as what you have - we could be friends with benefits.

    • Planext
      Planext commented
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      Absolutely true. Maybe I'll think if the guy is worth having sex with for the 2nd time. If not, maybe I'll block him so that he can't contact me again.

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    I'll probably accept it if I am in dire need of sex and if he was really good in bed. But if not, then I'll politely reject his offer.


    • StipeRipe
      StipeRipe commented
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      Politely reject his offer. - Oh, well that is so nice of you. For me, I could just ignore his messages and calls. I won't answer those. No answer means no.

    • Allylithax
      Allylithax commented
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      If I were in that position, I'll just ignore his offer because I already experienced doing it with him and I always like doing it with someone new so maybe I'll just find a new guy.

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    No, I wouldn't accept her back. That's because what we had was only one-time thing, nothing more should happen. Also, it's easy to find hookup partners nowadays so I wouldn't bother settling for a partner in the past.


    • Make4meCrazy
      Make4meCrazy commented
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      Would you not want to have sex with her again even if she showed great bed skills? Yeah, she was one of the best that you had hooked up with.

    • MurphyLove
      MurphyLove commented
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      Make4meCrazy I think it's not an exception as well, we can have those great hookups but if we chose not to entertain them anymore, then there's nothing they can do to please us.

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    Oh, I would love that one. Sure, I could hookup with him again and I like to have it as soon as possible.


    • BargeSuave
      BargeSuave commented
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      I bet that he's one of the best hookups that you've ever had, well, that's okay if you'd let them try you again. As long as you've enjoyed banging them before, right?

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    Originally posted by KinkyKate View Post
    Hooking up can sometimes lead to a one-time thing or a couple of times unless you both wanted it. Well, in this case, what if a previous hookup still has your info then suddenly hits you up to hook up again? Would you accept his/her back?
    If I get to see who that previous hookup was and considering him as one of the worse I've ever had, well, sorry, I guess I have to block him. There's no way that I could possibly hookup with a previous hookup ever again.


    • Fitwilkom
      Fitwilkom commented
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      pussyQuietwet yes, why settle with a shitty previous hookup? I think he has no other options that's why he's suddenly hitting up on you again, great thing to do is to avoid him.

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    A previous hookup of mine is fine, good-looking, and has great skills in bed. So, now, answering the question to this would make me want to scream YES! I'd definitely want to hook up with a previous hookup buddy. It is such a surprise for her to reach out for me to have a second hook up, don't you think?


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      I don't have any problem hooking up again with my previous hook up especially if the last performance is astounding.