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  • Getting Nervous

    Alright, I am going to bare it all so to speak. I have been going on a lot of dates lately but there is an issue with ... well... the whole me getting down to it if you know what I mean. I got no wind in my sails. I have been dating up a storm a lot since my girlfriend of ten years and I broke up but I haven't been able to finish, I honestly think I am just still weird about the whole having sex with a new person thing. I dunno. I've only ever really been with her. How do I get over this?

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    Ok, this is completely normal. As a guy I feel like I should tell you that it is not normal and you are weird and probably impotent. It is super common. You are just so psychologicially misguided right now. You were so used to one woman for so long that your brain is not functioning properly with a new woman in your life. I went through this after my marriage ended. It took a few tries, a few ladies before I was able to have sex regularly again and now it is great. You need to be reprogrammed. It happens man. Just keep trying and use porn if you need to and maybe find someone right now that wants to take it slow and help you out.


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      Finding someone that you can take it slow with really helps in the long run. It'll help program you to not be expecting the same thing all the time. You are looking for something new and fun.


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        Get someone to smack you across the face.


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          That is not a bad idea, sometimes you need to have someone take a little bit of violence out on you in a fun sexual way but it helps. I had a girl smack me once and it was like I got snapped out whatever weird trance part of my life that I wan in. I was thankful for it.