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Why cannot I View Some Profiles

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  • Why cannot I View Some Profiles

    I have been noticing that I cannot view some people's profiles. I click on them but it says restricted access. What does that even mean? I am very confused and want to figure this whole thing out. Why are some profiles not accessible?

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    I pay for my profile because I am looking for a certian type of guy and I do not want random dudes to just message me. This way I can meet who I want to meet. However, you can request to view someone's private profile and try your luck. Sometimes they will allow it but honestly, the people who pay for this are looking for very specific people versus the ones who sign up and use it for free. Plus, we get fun added benefits. More photos, we can video chat each other.... we can request to send someone nudes. A lot can be benefitted from this whole paying for membership.


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      Wait... you can send nudes if you pay?


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        Yeah. I mean, you have to be interested in the person and maybe talk to them for a while but you can totally video chat and send each other nudes.


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          You have convinced me. I am going to pay for a membership.